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Movie Review


A student is endangered after she warns a wealthy male     that a crazed recluse with short term memory loss is out to kill him, not knowing the reason behind the recluse's actions.

          Ghajini is a 2008 Indian Hindi action film written and directed by A. R. Murugadoss and produced by Tagore Madhu and Madhu Mantena. The film stars Aamir Khan as Sanjay Singhania, a rich business man, the chairman of a mobile phone company, Air Voice. He is also Sachin in the eyes of Kalpana, who hides his identity unless she will accept his engagement. Asin Thottumkal as Kalpana, a model by profession who gains publicity by proclaiming herself to be the girlfriend of Sanjay Singhania, which is not really true. Jiah Khan as Sunita, a medical student, who is trying to study the case of Sanjay Singhania and his amnesia problem. Pradeep Rawat as Ghajini Dharmatma, a gang honcho and the mastermind of many illegal and criminal ventures. Ghajini was released on 25 December 2008 with an estimated 1500 prints worldwide, including 1200 prints in the domestic market,making it the largest Bollywood release at that time.

The film opens with Sunita, a medical student, she wants to investigate the curious case of Sanjay Singhania a former notable city businessman, who is reported to have anterograde amnesia. Sunita decides to investigate the matter herself. It is revealed that Sanjay has anterograde amnesia where he loses his memory every 15 minutes. It is revealed that Sanjay is ultimately out to avenge the death of his sweetheart Kalpana and that he is systematically killing the people who were responsible for it.

Sunita finds two diaries where Sanjay has chronicled the events of 2005 and 2006. The film flashes back to 2005 as Sunita reads the diary. Sanjay Singhania is shown as the owner of the Air Voice mobile telephone company. Sanjay found Kalpana and eventually both of them hang around together and gradually develop a liking towards each other. The diary ends with Sanjay proposing Kalpana and promising himself to tell her that he himself is Sanjay Singhania if she would accept the proposal. Sunita investigates further, and discovers that Kalpana was traveling to Goa for a modeling assignment by train when she came upon 25 innocent young girls being trafficked to Goa. She saves the girls who name Ghajini as the ringleader of the racket. Ghajini kills two girls, who recognized him, and goes in search of Kalpana.
His goons break into her apartment and wait for her to return. Sanjay arrives there to meet Kalpana. Her last word to him was “Ghajini". Sunita, now aware of the shocking truth, finds Sanjay in the hospital and tells him the truth. She helps Sanjay to find Ghajini. Sanjay confronts Ghajini and fights hand to hand. After the happenings, Sunita gives him a gift which is the cement slab on which Kalpana and Sanjay impressioned their first footprints when the couple moved into a new apartment to remind him of his loving association with Kalpana.

The film Ghajini is ought to be seen for the sheer novelty of its theme. It is inspired and to some extent, it is lifted from Hollywood’s Memento.If you can digest an overdose of physical violence, thenGhajini is a film you shouldn't miss for Aamir Khan's unforgettable performance and if you have stomach for such revolting violence, you would enjoy sitting through Ghajini for many reasons. First, it's unique plot. Second, Aamir's mind-blowing acting. Third, Asin's confident debut in a heart-winning performance. Jiah Khan is appropriately cast in a role that doesn't demand much from her. Pradeep Rawat, as the antagonist, is menacing. It is unusual and unexpected ending.

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