Monday, March 5, 2012

Food Review

Must try it!

       Probinsya is finest, diverse, and apparently authentically Filipino restaurant in Davao City.

           We have only been here one time and that was for dinner. We got their rather late and the buffet line was pretty much picked clean. What we did have was good. The waiters and the staffs were very conscientious and the ambience of the place is implausible.

Frankly, when I saw their main dishes I was not that eager to consume all the dishes because all that I had seen was lechon de leche, shrimp, fish fillet, longganisa rice, etc. I already experience all that dishes at home but well, my appetite kicking my stomach. I really need to feed my self.

When I tasted their lechon de leche, winner truly excellent! It is really luscious, delectable and it is not an ordinary lechon de lechen in birthdays, weddings and fiestas. The sweet and spicy shrimp stir fry fulfils my craving. The fish fillet is one of the most delicious pieces of fish I’ve ever tasted. One gets a choice of three specially prepared dishes in all scrummy and exceptional.


Just when you think you can’t eat anymore, Probinsya offers a range of special desserts, including a unique twist of seafoods pasta, cup cake with a liquefy filling and cherry on top, raisin mango float with a melted filling of mango, and the chocolate cake that would swoon you because of it’s delectable taste.

Probinsya restaurant located at Victoria Plaza Compound, J.P Laurel Avenue, Bajada, Davao City. You must have to pay 350 pesos but it is worth paying for.

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